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Set in San Francisco, Pride Jewel is a story of love, crime, revenge, and the American dream. An Armenian father and son immigrate to the United States after  a massive earthquake levels their small town in Armenia. Andre, and his father move to San Francisco/Bay Area in hopes for a better life. Amidst the challenges of their new environment, with no job perspectives, Andre quickly turns to jewel thief, Cyrus for guidance. In the end we find out revenge is the only way out and redemption is no where to be found.


"Plot is always juicy when it is surrounded by heist, love dilemma, and of course, revenge. Three factors of a perfectly exciting and intriguing story to anticipate. And Armen Dilanchian and Doug Thomsen's feature action-drama titled "Pride Jewel" you'll definitely get every exciting piece of that. The movie centers on how a young man named Andre tangled himself with a mob in the San Francisco Bay Area. Caught up with the adrenaline, luxury, and the girl that he loves, Andre was about to face something more than he can handle. This a very cool action movie, awesome directing and ensemble cast, plus the cinematography is top grade, totally recommended to watch! @pride_jewel.”


~ Review by Helena Zurc, Utah Film Festival

"My American dream is turning into a nightmare and I can't wake up"

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